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Ballistic Over Balloons

A Weddings By Event Kings Trend

Décor details have become a huge part of planning an event. From an extravagant wedding, to intimate bridal showers, the theme and vibe of the party revolves around the décor.

One major trend that has exploded this year has been the use of balloons. They come in every shape, color and texture. The biggest use of them has been creating garlands that can be used all throughout an event.

One area that they are commonly used for is an accent to a photo area or a dessert table. People can incorporate different size and color balloons, as well as different textures. Some balloons can contain confetti or have a metallic finish to create shape and depth.

Another item that people incorporate into a balloon garland is floral. Flowers and greenery adds another layer of texture to the garland, and can help tie any other floral you have into the event.

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