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My wedding was on 7/10/21 and Terry and Madison made my wedding dreams come true! At first, I thought I wouldn't need a planner but as the wedding came closer and there was a ton of coordinating to be done, I hired them to help me out. Not only were they my planners, they became like family. I created a Pinterest board and they completely nailed my entire vision. They have so many extra options such as a flower wall and palm trees which legit made the entire inside of CBC come to life. Madison was always up at all hours of the night (like me) and we would be texting at 1AM without any issues. They coordinated with all of my vendors and took so much stress off of me. During the actual wedding, they were so organized and honestly took the brunt of every hiccup and mishap that would have been my problem if I didn't have them. Lastly, my transportation service left me, my husband, and our parents at the venue so Madison offered to drive us back to the hotel!!!! I was in the front seat of her jeep in my wedding dress, absolutely classic! There are no words to describe how appreciative I am for both Terry and Madison. If you’re looking for a planner, BOOK THEM NOW!.

Jordan and Pat

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