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5 Ways To Stay Calm On Your Big Day

Wedding Tip

After planning many weddings, we have seen a great deal of emotions, especially the morning of the big day. Every bride has her own way of dealing with stress, whether it is crying, drinking, etc. From all of our experience, we have come up with five helpful tips to keep calm that morning. 

1. Be In The Moment

There is going to be a lot that is going on around you. Try not to get wrapped up in the little things, and enjoy the day. It is very easy to loose sight of of the meaning that you are here, but try and appreciate the little moment, like opening up a gift from your future spouse.

2. Limit Your Cocktails

I cannot stress this enough! It is easy to drink a few too many, especially when your nervous. Stick to one or two drinks and drink something light. Champagne is your best friend because it is light and doesn’t have a lot of sugar. I would strongly urge no liquor or drinks with a lot of sugar. 

3. Limit The Amount Of People In The Room

Everyone is going to want to see you get into your dress. It is easy to keep saying yes to your friends and family spending time with you the morning of. It can also get very crazy with everyone’s opinions and input. Limit yourself your parents, grandparents, and the bridal party so you don’t get too stressed the morning of your wedding, and you are spending time with people who are very close to you.

4. Eat A Well Balanced Meal

THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT! Don’t let your day go by without eating something that will fill you for a big portion of your day. No one needs a bride passing out at the ceremony. 

5. Be Concerned About Your Self

This might be the most important thing that brides tend to forget. It is YOU AND YOUR FUTURE SPOUSES big day, not anyone else’s. Take a moment for the two of you to do a first look or just spend a little time together before the day is done. 

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