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A Little Lighting Never Killed Nobody

Wedding Tip

Décor is an integral piece of every single wedding, no matter what the style it is. Brides get to use different elements of décor to present their theme and style to their guests. The different elements range from floral to custom signs, from linens to draping.

But what happens if a client doesn’t have a specific theme in mind and want something more simple?

When this dilemma comes up in a brainstorming meeting, my favorite element to incorporate is lighting. There are four major lighting options that are great for any type of wedding.

First: String lighting. This type of lighting is great for an indoor or outdoor wedding. This will accent the ceiling in different string patterns, and can even just accent over a dancefloor. Brides can have the option of Edison or bistro bulbs.

Second: Pin spot lighting. This lighting comes from above and is pointed down to accent different areas of the reception room, like centerpieces.

Third: Leko lighting. This in our opinion is the most fun. These lights can move or stay stagnant. They also come in a variety of patterns and colors, which can really make a room exciting.

Fourth and final: Wireless uplighting. This is the most popular type of lighting for weddings right now. This lighting can be in an array of colors throughout the room. They can also change colors as your guests dance on the dance floor.

Just because you don’t have specific theme, doesn’t mean you have to forgo décor all together. Adding lighting to your wedding can give off an amazing atmosphere and make a big statement.

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