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Let Them Eat Cake, Or A Dessert Table

Wedding Trend

Every bride spends countless hours searching Pinterest for the perfect element to make their wedding unique. Some look for the edgiest centerpiece, while other try and take fashion to a new level. The top trend, and tastiest trend, this year is the transition from wedding cakes to dessert tables.

Dessert tables have become one of our favorite items that we bring into weddings for a few different reasons. The first is brides and grooms are able to tie their theme into the table. Whether it is winter theme or it is a few select colors, couples are able to showcase it through their choice of dessert. The second reason is the couple is able to pick out desserts that they actually like to eat. If they want to still incorporate a cake they can have cupcakes, cake pops, or even a small cake. They are also able to mix and match pastry desserts and candy to make the table full.

The last reason is a dessert table can double as your wedding favors. Instead of having to purchase a separate item for a favor, adding custom candy bags on your dessert table allows guests to take home some delicious treats.

Grab a bag, pick your favorite treat, and eat up!

Desserts By Sweet Violet Cake Pop Shoppe

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