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Photo Prep For The Big Day

Wedding Tip

After your big day is complete, your wedding photos are the lasting images that you will have forever. Every bride has her own vision on how she wants her photos to look and what style they should be, which can cause a lot of stress.

Event Kings Director of Media, Pat O’Brien, has two tips for today’s brides. The first is to do some research. Take a little time, sit at the computer and flip through Google and Pinterest to find some inspiration for the different photos that fit your style. Start a Pinterest board just for photos you like- once you’ve done your investigation, you can translate this into a shot list of your must haves, or if your photographer is media trendy- even share your board with them.

Pat’s second tip is to trust your professional. “They know what is and isn’t going to look good. They also understand their camera and the lighting of the area you are shooting in. We want to get our clients input, but we also want them to trust our experience.”

So do a little exploration, trust your photographer and enjoy taking the photos on your big day! If you’re happy in the moment, it will definitely shine through in your photos.

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