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The New Age Wedding Dress

Wedding Trend

Today’s brides are steering away from a “traditional” wedding. Whether it’s a unique venue or non-traditional centerpieces, brides are trying to make their wedding day something that is special and distinctive to them. 

One of the biggest areas that brides are choosing to do this is their wedding dress. Because there are so many different choices out there, brides have a plethora of dresses at their fingertips. The major trend this year is patterns and beading. Dresses still have a traditional silhouette, but the colorful beading and glitter gives many wedding dresses a nice accent.

Brides are also leaning towards simple patterns that give their dress a big “wow” factor. Depending on the theme of your wedding, brides are going with very bold and color patterns, to soft and subtle patterns that accent their dress.

Don’t think you need a traditional dress just because everyone else is, go crazy and  find the perfect dress for your big day!

Floral Wedding Dress By Wendy Makin Geometric Wedding Dress By Hayley Paige Pattern Wedding Dress By 

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